Removable shower cabins

Are you looking for affordable removable shower cabins? Showerrent is the ideal partner for you! Showerrent is the provider of mobile showers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether it concerns a refurbishment or physical problems, Showerrent always has a suitable solution for your situation. At Showerrent you can rely on a full-service. This means that everything is arranged to perfection. Therefore, you can immediately use the removable shower cabins!

To rent at Showerrent

When you rent with Showerrent you can choose from various removable shower cabins. We have a shower with a size of 77.5 x 77.5 x 193 cm. This is suitable when you have less space. You can also rent a shower with the size of 90 x 90 x 205. This shower is wider and therefore also suitable for larger areas. The removable shower cabins can be assembled in almost any area. Do you have doubts about your situation? You can always contact the employees of Showerrent. They will gladly assist you with finding the correct sanitary solution. It is also possible to rent complete bathrooms with Showerrent. The mobile bathrooms are equipped with all modern comforts, such as a shower, toilet, washing basin and seat. The mobile bathroom also has a heating system. Would you like to know what Showerrent can do for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Showerrent rents out sanitary facilities throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Showerrent provides top quality against an affordable price. Therefore, Showerrent is also accessible for private customers. At Showerrent you can rely on an excellent service. You will pay a fixed rate. This rate includes the installation, delivery and removable shower cabins. So you will never face any surprises! The removable shower cabins can be installed anywhere. The only thing you require is a (cold) water supply, a power supply and a drainage point. At Showerrent everything is arranged to perfection for you!

Please contact us directly

Do you require removable shower cabins? You can directly request a shower cabin via the contact form. Do you have questions regarding the various types of shower cabins or the mobile bathroom? Please send us an e-mail with your question to, no obligations attached. For emergency questions you can call us on work days on 06 83 53 70 57. Showerrent, your provider of removable shower cabins!