Portable Bathroom Showerrent

Portable Bathroom Shower Rent

When you are in the middle of a refurbishment of your bathroom, a portable bathroom of Showerrent is the answer! The portable bathrooms of Showerrent are fully equipped with all the sanitary facilities you require. For example, you can place the portable bathroom on your drive or in your garden. So the sanitary facilities are always nearby. Showerrent is the provider of portable bathrooms and portable shower cabins!

To rent a portable bathroom

The portable bathrooms of Showerrent are fully equipped and have all the required comforts. It provides all sanitary facilities you require. The easiest thing is that the portable bathroom can be used immediately after installation. Showerrent will ensure that the portable bathroom is installed so you can enjoy a nice hot shower! The portable bathroom of Showerrent is 2.7 m high, 4 m long and 2.5 m wide. The portable bathrooms are equipped with a lovely shower, toilet, wash basin and seat. It offers all comforts that you have in your own bathroom. The price of the portable bathroom is fixed and the installation costs are included. That is the excellent service of Showerrent!

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Portable shower cabins

Also when you require a shower cabin, Showerrent is the place to be. Showerrent namely offers various emergency showers for temporary use. Our assortment also includes care showers. The care shower is really well suited for people that (temporarily) can’t go up the stairs to have a shower. Plus, the care shower also offers access to people in a wheelchair. Also for the home care it will be easier to take care of the patient. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to rent an emergency shower with Showerrent. With Showerrent you can rely on:

  • Full-service;
  • Delivery throughout the Netherland and Belgium;
  • All-inclusive price;
  • No delivery charges;
  • Fixed price for 2 to 3 weeks;
  • Professional installation with professional materials;
  • Contact us

    Would you like to rent a portable bathroom or portable shower cabin with Showerrent! Please contact Showerrent directly via the contact form. We recommend you to reserve your portable bathroom or shower cabin in time. Showerrent, always an appropriate temporary sanitary facility!