Mobile bathroom Mobile bathroom for when your bathroom is not available.

Mobile bathroom

Are you looking for a mobile bathroom? Shower Rent can help! Shower Rent is the provider of mobile bathrooms. The mobile bathrooms are equipped. Shower Rent is a full-service organization. This means that prices include fetching, bringing, connect, the mobile suite , its own hot water supply and pump. Additionally, you can count on Shower Rent at a competitive price. Shower at Rent is your emergency in good hands.

This is one of our mobile bathrooms.
This is a complete mobile luxury bathroom with shower, toilet, heating, seat and
a washingtable.

You are fully equipped. The dimensions of the bathroom are 2.7 m high, 4 m long
and 2.5 m wide. Also this we close completely for you.

A mobile bathroom for an emergency

When remodeling your bathroom can prevent you temporarily run out sanitation. Shower Rent has the solution to this problem: rent a mobile bathroom! At Shower Rent, you can rent an entire mobile bathroom at a competitive price. The mobile bathroom Shower Rent is fully equipped. If you do not convenient? No problem! The mobile suite is delivered ready for use. This allows you to fully focus on the renovation. The mobile bathroom is 2,7m high, 4m long and 2.5m wide. For example you can put in your backyard or on your driveway mobile bathroom. The mobile bathroom consists of:

  • Spacious shower;
  • Toilet;
  • Sink;
  • Seat;

Choose Shower Rent

If you choose, you can count Shower for Rent on excellent service. First, the mobile bathroom has a fixed price. To avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards. In addition, the connection of mobile bathrooms is included in the fixed price. Shower Rent also ensures professionalism. The mobile bathroom is always connected by a qualified employee.