Rent affordable emergency shower?

Want to rent an affordable emergency shower It can be easily placed almost anywhere in your house? Then you are at the right address Shower Rent. With our emergency showers, you could still keep showering stay at home during a renovation. All our showers have hot water and drain pump. And did you know that we bring the emergency shower, pump and hot water, retrieve and connect? Check immediately our advantageous all-in prices!

Several emergency showers for rent at Rent Shower

Shower Rent in, you can choose from several emergency showers. Firstly, a shower room with dimensions of 90 x 90 x 205 cm. This is built on the spot and can thus be almost anywhere in your house where there is place. When you have to less space available, we offer an emergency shower with dimensions of 77.5 x 77.5 x 193 cm. Want to be equipped? Opt for a completemobiele badkamer, Shower, toilet, heating, seating and a sink. Finally, we also offer a shower carefor (temporarily) disabled. This shower is easy to use if you are in a wheelchair and very accessible when a patient should be cared for by a home help.

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About Showerrent

Who are we? Showerrent rents out emergency showers, care showers or mobile shower cabins throughout the Netherlands (and now also in Belgium)! We are known to deliver top quality against an affordable, all-in price. With us you will never face surprises. We charge a fixed rate of € 250 for 2 to 3 weeks and you will never be charged with additional costs. Plus, you do not have to make any preparations. We only require hot and cold water (or just cold water), a power supply and a drainage point. Showerrent will ensure that everything is arranged for you to perfection!

To contact Showerrent

Are you having a refurbishment but you still want to be able to take a shower at home? Why not rent an emergency shower with Showerrent. Although we have a large quantity of shower cabins in stock, we like to recommend you to reserve your emergency shower in time, to avoid disappointment. Please contact us if you like more information.