About us Our prices are all inclusive: fetch; bring; connect; showers big or small, always with private hot water; pump.

Showerrent, your shower rental specialist for emergency showers, temporary showers or portable showers.

Showerrent is the company the offers the solution when you’re remodeling your bathroom.

Perhaps you recognize the problem: “Where do we take a shower now?” Rent an emergency shower
from us.
What does renting a shower from Showerrent mean for you:

  • Fixed price € 250 for 2 to 3 weeks
  • No extra charges
  • No delivery fees
  • We take care of all the connections
  • No preparation by the customer necessary
  • Professional installation with professional equipment
  • Every shower cabin includes a drainage pump
  • Almost all our shower cabins are equipped with their own hot water supply when connected only to cold water (if desired).
  • You can also choose to connect to hot and cold, or just cold water. When connecting only to cold water, our hot water supply provides unlimited warm water

Our prices are all inclusive: delivery, picking up, installation, big or small shower, own hot water supply, pump, upstairs/downstairs placement. The portable emergency shower that we rent out can be placed anywhere in your home so that you’re problems are solved. You no longer rely on family or neighbors, you can be in the comfort of your own home. During the remodeling of your bathroom you can continue to shower with this shower cabin to your hearts content.

Our shower cabins can also be rented out for events and by sports associations for example. Also a solution if you have guests and you can use an extra shower somewhere. We also have special walk-in showers. They have a low step, and are wheelchair accessible.

We also have a portable bathroom for rent.
We ask you to reserve in advance, to avoid disappointments.
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